Choosing Universities in France For Masters

When it comes to French universities for master’s students, the choices can be plentiful. Some may choose their destination based on climate (Paris or Marseilles are great sunny and warm spots), while others might focus on specific subjects (Grenoble for engineering studies or Toulouse for history/politics/sociology for instance). Whatever their choice, all students should bear certain things in mind before making their selection in France:

One of the primary considerations when selecting universities in France for Masters studies is cost of studying. France boasts one of the lowest tuition rates among European nations, making scholarship applications for studies easy for international students.

Consideration should also be given to how much living costs will be. Prices vary based on the city; for instance, Paris typically charges around EUR 590 a month for studio apartments.

The top universities in France for Masters studies are those with strong industry ties and extensive alumni networks, providing you with plenty of postgraduate opportunities as well as helping to advance your career goals.

As part of your decision when choosing a university in France for your master’s program, another factor to keep in mind is whether classes will be conducted in French. If that is the case, ensuring proficiency will be necessary prior to enrolling. As an option, enroll in a French language course prior to commencing the Masters program.


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