Study Abroad in Italy

Italy is one of the premier study abroad destinations in Europe. Its allure of sipping cappuccinos, admiring art and architecture, and living “La Dolce Vita” makes Italy hard to resist; yet its boot-shaped country offers much more than this. Italy has made immense contributions to humanism and exploration across multiple industries while boasting 54 UNESCO World Heritage sites (with 51 of those sites designated World Heritage). It continues to make waves around the globe!

Rome offers students an incredible step back in time while Florence boasts stunning basilicas and museums full of art to explore. Students also can travel further afield such as Venice or Amalfi Coast for additional landmark visits.

Students pursuing degrees in Italy must pass at least 20 exams in order to earn their degrees, with most exams being written exams while medical fields often requiring oral exams as well. Before embarking on their study abroad semester, it’s wise to speak to academic advisors in order to create an approved plan that will enable them to complete all degree requirements successfully.

Students spending the second half of their year abroad can choose among one of Atlantis’ 30 internship partnerships with Italian companies in engineering, business, computer science and pharmaceutical sciences disciplines. Internship experience is paid, housing rebate provided as well as 60+ clinical shadowing hours earned; perfect for future medical, nursing, occupational therapy or physician assistant students seeking professional experience while discovering this beautiful country!


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