An Insight Into the Cost of Study in Australia For Indian Students

Students planning to study higher studies abroad often wonder what the experience will be like, from lifestyle considerations and financial obligations, all the way down to studying in Australia as an Indian student. Below is an article which attempts to give Indian students an idea of the cost associated with this endeavor.

Australia has long been one of the top global education hubs for international students, boasting idyllic coral reefs, kangaroos and diverse wildlife as top study destinations worldwide. Eight Australian universities are now included in the QS World University 2021 rankings; making studying here a dream come true for many Indian students.

Though it’s admirable that more Indian students are enrolling in Australian universities, affordability remains an issue. Tuition fees can be steep and living expenses might exceed expectations for some individuals; therefore it is imperative that prospective students conduct thorough research and prepare themselves financially before making their decision to study there.

Students considering higher studies in Australia should also ensure they explore all available scholarships provided by universities and the government, which will reduce tuition fees and make life in Australia more manageable. It is also vital that international students familiarise themselves with Australian culture before leaving home; otherwise they risk feeling homesickness or isolation among their fellow classmates.


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