IELTS Waiver – Universities That Accept International Students Without IELTS Scores

When studying abroad, most students require clearing IELTS language proficiency exams. But there are alternatives if this test isn’t for you – here are a few universities which don’t require IELTS scores to admit students.

Wherever your location may be in USA, UK or Australia – from USA to UK to Australia – it is possible to locate some of the top universities which accept international students without valid IELTS scores. Eligibility criteria differ by course and university so it is crucial that you shortlist colleges which align with your career goals before submitting an application.

The University of Colorado welcomes applicants without IELTS scores to apply for undergraduate and graduate courses, providing they meet other eligibility requirements of the university such as possessing at least a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree taught entirely in English, along with being interviewed via phone or Skype to verify their English language abilities.

National Louis University provides conditional admission to students without IELTS or TOEFL scores; however, they require you to present proof from a previous institute that English was their medium of instruction.

Rice University in the US is another top university that does not require IELTS or TOEFL scores for admission, instead simply asking for proof that your previous institute conducted its classes entirely in English and you possess effective communication skills. Their admissions committee will also assess your English skills when making their decision.

The University of New Orleans allows international students to study in the US without an IELTS score for its graduate programs only. Their admissions officers will review your application and consider other factors, including GPA and academic background when reviewing it. Furthermore, there is also an Intensive English Language Program available here that can help improve English skills before beginning a graduate program at this institution.

Notable universities include South Africa, Sweden and Uganda – these nations allow students to enroll at universities without providing an IELTS score as part of the admissions criteria.