The Study Abroad Brochure

Study abroad brochure is an invaluable resource for Notre Dame students looking to enhance their educational experience through international experiences. This tool has been designed to assist all majors and colleges find programs tailored specifically to them and their unique learning interests.

As our global economy becomes more integrated, it is more essential than ever that students learn about other cultures and languages. Studies show that graduates who possess foreign language abilities as well as an understanding of other cultures tend to enjoy greater job prospects upon graduating than those without such abilities. EF has collaborated with some of the world’s premier universities in creating cutting-edge technologies and approaches to language teaching that provide unparalleled language learning experiences – as well as innovative methods of progress assessment.

The Heels Abroad Handbook is an online resource with all of the pertinent information for your Heels Abroad program. Please read and pass all modules before attending your Pre-Departure event, where more detailed discussions and regional-specific knowledge will be covered.


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