International Students Ireland

Irish higher education is renowned globally for its quality and variety of courses on offer, making Ireland an attractive destination for undergraduate and postgraduate studies from students from around the globe. Complementing its world-class education is its rich cultural environment which offers ample opportunities for international students looking for work experience opportunities both here and beyond.

Prior to recent years, most international students chose undergraduate study programmes as their priority; however, in recent years more have chosen master’s and PhD programmes from Irish universities, likely due to its recognition by major global employers and its reputation for industry readiness.

Ireland offers international students numerous scholarships based on academic merit or financial need. Each institution sets its own criteria for its scholarship program; thus students should speak to admissions staff of their preferred college for more details.

Colleges also provide international students with accommodation services to offset living costs in Ireland, and provide more personalised care than an impersonal housing market. However, it should be noted that many international students find housing difficult in Dublin and other major cities despite universities giving students “the honest truth” regarding rental market availability. Bukky Adebowale from USI believes universities must give students “the honest truth” when it comes to renting options locally.


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