Ireland Student Visa

If you are from another country and wish to study in Ireland, an Ireland student visa must first be obtained. Apply for it prior to arrival; there are various requirements you must fulfill such as proof of funds, passport validity and acceptance from university as well as passing English proficiency test scores; also providing receipt proving you paid university fees as well as medical coverage receipt. Any gaps must also be disclosed within education or employment records.

The visa process varies depending on the course you’re taking. If you pursue a short-stay C study visa (typically training programs), which doesn’t allow any work during that time. Conversely, with a D study visa (for longer courses and scheduled holidays) up to 20 hours can be worked each week during term time and 40 during holidays.

To apply for a D study visa in Ireland, it is essential that the following documents be ready when making your application: *A valid passport that won’t expire before you complete your studies here *Proof of sufficient funds needed for study can take the form of bank statements/bank guarantees/letter from school notifying that tuition fees have been paid


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