Study in France in English Bachelor

Study in France in English bachelor

The French higher education system is highly demanding and expects students to be independent learners. They do not typically have access to student advisors to assist with daily issues, and professors expect them to figure things out themselves. This independence also shows in how students socialise: going out together rather than individually to bars and clubs for socializing purposes; student associations sometimes organize dance parties with discounted tickets as part of these student initiatives.

France offers many universities that provide programs taught entirely or partially in English, such as Sciences Po Paris, Universite de Lyon and Toulouse University. Some have even partnered with American and UK institutions in order to deliver dual undergraduate/postgraduate degrees.

Selecting the ideal program depends on your individual preferences; however, certain universities do have strict admissions criteria. Typically, at least a high school diploma or British A-Levels will suffice to gain admission; non-native English speakers should take an exam such as TOEFL or IELTS to demonstrate proficiency.

Most universities also form partnerships with other institutions in order to offer students dual bachelor and master’s degree programs, like Sciences Po has with Columbia University New York, University College London and Sydney University; other universities offering these programs in France are Universite PSL, Ecole Polytechnique and ESC Grenoble.


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