Study in Polish – How to Overcome Challenges and Make the Most of Your Study Abroad Experience

Poland takes great pride in its robust higher education system, which boasts affordability and specialization. Due to this reputation, it ranks fourth in Europe in terms of international student enrollment at universities there. Furthermore, Poland provides an abundance of Bachelors and Masters programs taught entirely in English.

Although Poland provides many benefits for international students studying here, some may experience obstacles while studying there, including its cold climate and cultural integration issues. But friendly local people and social integration activities provided by universities are here to help international students overcome such hurdles and feel at home in Poland.

Before embarking on your studies in Poland, it’s also essential to address any language barriers and develop your communication skills. If Polish is new to you, enroll in an intensive language course before your semester begins; online platforms like Duolingo, e-polish and Babbel offer classes at various proficiency levels.

International students should get acquainted with Poland’s culture and traditions through attending events, joining clubs, engaging with career services at their university and engaging in internship opportunities. Doing this will increase job prospects after graduating; take full advantage of studying in Poland! With its many challenges come great opportunities to expand one’s horizons while creating lasting memories – we wish you the best on your study abroad adventure in Poland!


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