GRE Total Marks

GRE total marks refers to your total score on the Graduate Record Examination administered by Education Testing Service (ETS). The maximum GRE score in verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning sections is 170 while analytical writing scoring on a scale from 0-6 with half-point increments; GRE scores range from 200-990 on general tests and 200-990 for subject tests.

Each section of the GRE is scored separately; your cumulative GRE score will then be reported as a percentile score based on comparison to scores earned by other test-takers. As your GRE score rises, so too do your chances of admission into grad school programs of your choosing.

Your GRE Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning scores are calculated based on how many correct responses you provide; ETS then converts these raw scores to scaled scores through Equating. Your score in Analytical Writing section is determined by two essay questions; both an expert reader and computerized scoring tool which recognize essay qualities related to writing proficiency are used to score your writing samples.

Although you cannot combine your GRE scores across sections, submitting the best section scores from every time you take the exam can significantly boost your scores if you manage to strengthen areas where you struggle most. Superscoring could significantly boost your GRE results!


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