Medical Colleges in France

Studying at medical colleges in France is the goal of many students seeking to pursue careers in medicine. There are various universities which provide world-class education to international students; among these universities are known for producing research work that has earned more than 80 Nobel prizes!

Students enrolled in medical colleges in France will be instructed by experts in their fields, having access to world-class laboratories that will give them real world experience as they practice as doctors in hospitals and gain invaluable hands-on training for becoming more practical doctors when treating patients.

France’s medical education system consists of three cycles. The initial two years are covered by PCEM; at the end of their first year students take an exam called PACES which only 15-20 percent pass and advance into year two of studies.

Students enrolled in the second and third cycles of studies will undergo extensive clinical training at hospitals as well as seminars and workshops during this phase. Once this phase has been successfully completed, they will receive their diploma from their university.

Universite de Lorraine, more commonly referred to as UL, is a state-funded university framework located in northeastern France that offers courses such as dentistry, veterinary, pharmacy, nursing and physiotherapy. Program duration can vary according to field; typically five or six years for dental sciences courses such as Pharmacology or Nursing for example.