Scholarships For Summer Study Abroad

Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity to broaden your educational experiences, yet financial restrictions may prevent this life-altering journey from happening. Luckily, numerous scholarships exist that make studying abroad possible for students from diverse financial backgrounds.

Scholarships for summer study abroad provide an ideal way to meet both academic and travel goals simultaneously without giving up time on campus. From exploring Prague to studying European business management in bustling London, these scholarships can add an unforgettable international element to your college experience.

A full scholarship covering tuition, housing, meals and airfare will be given to sophomore or junior students who have either never visited the UK before or only limited international travel experience. Preference will be given to students from groups underrepresented in global educational opportunities – first-generation students as well as economically disadvantaged.

The Ishikawa Japanese Studies Program, funded by the Shoyu Club of Japan, gives two Amherst students an amazing opportunity to attend intensive language and culture courses at University of Ishikawa. Each student will stay in an Ishikawa homestay family to create an unforgettable cultural experience.

The Anders Urhskov Leadership Scholarship provides financial aid for public health students studying at DIS Stockholm or Copenhagen. Additionally, the Ouyang Family Summer Study Abroad Fund can support study abroad students looking to travel China; Roch-McKinstry and William E. Ford III 1983 funds are also available as financial support options to study anywhere worldwide with in-person programming programs.


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