Study Engineering in the UK

Study Engineering in UK

UK universities are known for offering world-class education, and this is particularly true of engineering studies. With such an esteemed tradition of innovation spanning four centuries and accounting for around 40% of GDP contribution by engineering-led industries – making the UK an exciting place to embark upon an engineering career and now is an especially good time.

A standard engineering degree in the UK is known as a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng). Completion typically takes three years, and graduates may apply for accreditation as an Incorporated Engineer. Many universities also offer four-year undergraduate engineering programs with integrated master’s degrees to enable quicker attainment of Chartered Engineer status and entry into employment more quickly.

Selecting the ideal program for your career depends heavily upon your personal situation, goals and ambitions. In the UK there is an expansive variety of engineering courses to choose from at world-leading universities – which means studying alongside experts in your chosen field who are eager to share knowledge.

In order to be considered eligible for an engineering programme in the UK, you will need to have graduated high school with an impressive GPA and submitted letters of recommendation, an admission statement and proof of English language proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL). Furthermore, your department requirements must also be fulfilled before your application can be accepted by an university.


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