Which Are the Universities Accept Without GRE?

GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is an admissions test required by many graduate schools as part of their application process. With its fee set at US$205 and ETS’ (Educational Testing Service) waiving it for applicants with financial hardship, many students find the GRE difficult to pass and look for courses or universities which do not necessitate taking it.

Note, however, that universities accepting applications without GRE has been evolving over time; many universities no longer require it altogether while others may still provide GRE as an option for certain programs.

Graduate schools that do not require GRE scores usually impose other criteria on applicants instead. This could include having attained at least a certain GPA in undergraduate studies, having work experience related to their field or possessing an archive of past works. Some programs allow candidates to substitute the GRE with GMAT scores (particularly MBA programmes).

Other factors can help applicants gain admission even without an impressive GRE score, including letters of recommendation and academic qualifications. These tend to be especially relevant in science and health-related programs where having an impressive GRE score may not be essential. Furthermore, strong GRE scores can offset low GPAs in previous applications by helping offset any low CGPA numbers that exist.

Some institutions offer exemption from taking the GRE test for applicants who possess an advanced degree, such as an MFA in their subject area. Furthermore, healthcare management, public policy and business schools often waive this requirement for those with professional experience in their chosen field.

Though GRE scores may no longer be strictly required for admission into top-ranked universities, achieving a high GRE score remains essential. Therefore, students should spend adequate time preparing and taking the test as early as possible so as to achieve maximum effectiveness on test day.

Where Can You Study Without GRE? Numerous top colleges and universities across the United States provide master’s programs without requiring students to take the GRE exam, such as Northeastern University which offers graduate-level classes such as computer science, bioinformatics, and nanomedicine without GRE scores as criteria for admission. Other notable schools without GRE requirements for admissions include Sacred Heart University, California Lutheran University and Pittsburg State University.

Students should keep in mind that the list of graduate schools and Masters programs that do not require the GRE can change quickly, making it important to regularly visit university websites to ensure no changes occur in requirements as soon as they apply to you. Doing this also allows you to plan out your studies properly while keeping you abreast of changes within a particular university and department. Furthermore, any questions about admission requirements should be directed directly towards them.


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