Why Choose to Study in England Study Abroad?

When people think about studying abroad in England, London often comes to mind with its cafes, markets and theaters. But England offers much more: from ancient university towns such as Oxford and Cambridge to contemporary creative hubs driving finance, art, music and technology innovation you will discover an expansive country that defies stereotypes while reinventing itself for success in an interconnected globalized world.

No matter your goals – whether they be to gain resume-boosting experience in a vibrant city, unleash your creativity through an artisanal workshop, or learn about an age-old tradition in Canterbury, England is one of the world’s most diverse and welcoming countries – you’ll have ample opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed in one of its diverse yet welcoming cultures. Whether it be exploring “Austin Powers” movies to finding out what spotted dick is, your time in England will challenge and enrich you personally while exposing you to different traditions while providing an in-depth view into Europe’s largest nation – not unlike any other nation!

As part of your academic experience in England and the UK, you’ll also have an opportunity to travel. Class sizes tend to be small and professors often use more interactive teaching methods than in the US. Students earn credit through passing exams and completing homework assignments; The University of Westminster grades on a 100-point scale and requires your participation in classes, lectures, and seminars – it is advised that before departing for England that you consult your home university to see which courses transfer and discuss any academic requirements that might apply.


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