Why New Zealand is a Great Place to Study Medicine

New Zealand is an idyllic country renowned for quality education. New Zealand’s top MBBS colleges provide world-class instruction that develops critical thinking and clinical abilities – this makes New Zealand an excellent choice to study medicine.

New Zealand is taking steps to expand its medical schools in order to address a shortage of doctors nationwide. They have pledged $600 million over five years for this expansion project; University of Auckland and Otago have joined them as partners. It is anticipated that medical schools in New Zealand will expand by 30% during this time.

At present, the University of Auckland consists of two campuses and a residential college. Students studying medicine are taught by over 300 full-time staff – 150 academics alone! Small classes allow more focus on practical learning. Furthermore, this institution offers scholarships for those wanting to continue with their medical studies.

University of Auckland students not only learn the fundamental skills necessary to become doctors, but can also conduct research projects related to health at various fields related to medicine. Many projects are conducted in partnership with New Zealand health services while international partnerships also exist within this institution.

New Zealand high school graduates looking to enroll in medical school must complete a one-year Health Sciences First Year (HSFY) programme. Candidates will only be selected into the MB ChB program upon passing all required papers at first attempt and meeting GPA standards set by their admissions committee.


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