Work For Study Abroad Programs and Teach English Abroad

Studying abroad provides students with an invaluable experience that allows them to develop cross-cultural communication and cultural awareness skills essential for today’s global marketplace, and can even help students excel in their careers. One survey found that 73% of employers considered participation in an education abroad program as an important attribute when considering applications for junior level positions.

Studies abroad can present students with numerous challenges. Most schools do not offer their own study abroad programs and non-traditional students may have extensive responsibilities that make traveling challenging; such as full or part-time employment, financial obligations, childcare duties and maintaining their homes.

To address these challenges, several institutions have developed study abroad programs for non-traditional students. These faculty-led trips typically occur during winter break or summer vacation, or follow an academic semester pattern; and enable college students to earn credits while experiencing unique cultures such as Mexico’s Day of the Dead festival or Germany’s Christmas markets.

Are You Searching for an Opportunity to Teach English Abroad Abroad? Working for a Study Abroad Program Might be Perfect! Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is one of the most sought-after and flexible professional options available, giving people an opportunity to travel while meeting people from across the globe and discovering life in new ways.


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