Working While You Study in Ireland

Working while studying is an invaluable opportunity to meet locals, sharpen your language skills, and gain practical experience that will assist with future career decisions. There are various opportunities available depending on the course you select, your education level and where you wish to work.

Example jobs could include working in tourism or for the government in Ireland. You should remember, though, to balance work with study – so ideally study in the morning and work during afternoon shifts.

The minimum wage rate varies by city, but generally falls between 10-12 Euros an hour. You can use this money to support yourself financially while studying in Ireland as well as cover additional expenses like travel and food costs.

Make life in Ireland more enjoyable by taking up part-time work to supplement your income and meet locals, as this makes your stay all the more meaningful and unforgettable!

International students enrolled on full-time programs included on the Interim List of Eligible Programmes do not typically require a visa in order to work in Ireland; however, those seeking part-time work while studying must register with the Social Welfare Department and obtain their PPS number (Personal Public Service Number).


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