About European International College

Since 2006, European International College (EIC), a boutique learning establishment, has set its sights high. We established ourselves in UAE as a higher educational institution and began providing hospitality, business management, and more recently Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programmes. Our culture emphasizes student learning with regular adjustments tailored to suit students’ progress – we focus on student advancement while maintaining a global perspective that provides value to local communities and markets while showing energy for learning! What truly distinguishes EIC is its dynamic energy for learning which distinguishes us from competitors: we put in every effort so our culture emphasises student progression – we do all this without losing energy for learning which makes us special.

International colleges differ from secondary schools by offering priority disciplines with individual study with teachers, while also providing more extensive academic programs than universities.

Working adults may find these programs and qualifications more suitable than academic studies as they build upon existing expertise and experiences, enhancing the likelihood of completing them successfully.

The ESCP Executive MBA is an outstanding degree program designed to transform you from an experienced professional into a future-ready global leader. Living and studying in up to three European countries will give you unparalleled career insights. Experience real transformation as it empowers you to unlock your full potential and become the great global leader that awaits. Specifically tailored for executives with 20 years’ of professional experience, this groundbreaking programme can launch or advance their career and make a meaningful contribution in global business environments.


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