Best Courses to Study in Australia For PR

Australia is an iconic study-abroad destination, known for its relaxed culture and world-class education provided by top universities. To make Australia your permanent residence, however, select courses which qualify you for permanent residency visa. Australia uses a point system which must be met before becoming eligible for permanent residency status – you can achieve this by studying courses with high demand that project double-digit growth over two or more years.

Engineering is one of the best courses to study in Australia for pr. Engineers are in great demand due to their abilities in solving problems and finding practical solutions, and studying this discipline could lead to you earning your Bachelor of Engineering (Honors), which will assist with entry into Australia’s Skilled Migration Program and eventual permanent residency status.

Psychology is another highly in-demand course that can open doors to permanent residency visas in Australia. Because this country values mental wellbeing, qualified psychologists are in high demand; therefore enrolling in an Australian psychology degree such as Psychiatrist or Counselling may increase your odds of receiving one.

If you prefer hands-on careers, pursuing a Certificate III or IV in plumbing could be just what’s needed to prepare for work in the construction industry. These skill-based courses can even earn PR eligibility points!


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