How Much Funds Required For US Student Visa?

OISS requires students to demonstrate they have enough funds in their bank accounts to cover fees and living expenses during the first year of their program. We use OISS verification of these funds as evidence that an F-1 visa should be approved. Typically, students should hold at least 1.5x more liquid cash than is listed on their I-20 form to ensure they will have enough support during their studies in the US for tuition, fees, housing, food transportation costs etc. Students with dependents should add extra amounts as additional support costs.

Students should make sure they have adequate funds in their accounts and an actionable plan for how they plan to finance academic programs and return home after graduating. Interviewers may question your plans, such as why you chose a particular academic program, whether your family is helping finance it and how long you plan on staying abroad after graduation.

Establishing strong ties is one of the key requirements to obtain an F-1 student visa, including proof that you will return home after your study abroad program ends, with sufficient ties such as employment waiting for you back home, family who need your care or assets such as houses that can be taken over.