How to Buy a Study Abroad Franchise

Studying abroad offers you an extraordinary opportunity to expand your horizons, learn a new language, experience an entirely different culture and gain valuable work experience. However, choosing a school or program that best fits you can be daunting; here are some helpful guidelines that may assist with making the right choice.

Due to an unprecedented surge in students flying abroad for further studies each year, overseas education consultancy is one of the most lucrative business opportunities in India. Acquiring a franchise in this space could provide access to this highly profitable sector while simultaneously accessing an established brand name.

Successful franchises of this nature will feature teams of experienced counselors and advisors that can assist students with selecting the ideal university and course to suit them, visa services, pre-departure briefing and other value added services to make the student’s journey as smooth as possible so they are able to achieve their goals without any hindrances or complications.

Digital marketing for study abroad franchises is also essential, as it will bring more customers through your doors and help increase revenue. Use these proven digital strategies for your study abroad franchise business to maximize return on investment (ROI).

ESS Global has already established itself in North India through its expert panel and now plans to extend their services nation-wide through franchisees. They want to capitalize on the ever-increasing numbers of aspirants looking for further studies abroad in order to enhance their careers and gain international experience.


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