Low Budget Universities

An education can be expensive — costing more than $100,000 annually at some top-ranked private institutions — but there are great schools that provide excellent instruction at much more reasonable costs; even free for international students!

These low budget universities are ranked according to their net price, which measures the total cost of attending school (tuition and living expenses), as calculated by subtracting federal, state/local government and institutional grant/scholarship aid from cost of attendance. This list features some of the finest colleges both domestically and globally.

Tuition fees in Sweden are among the lowest in Europe for both domestic and international students, though with its high cost of living they could still end up going over budget without careful budget management. Furthermore, students pursuing research-based doctoral programs at certain Swedish universities may receive scholarships or stipends that cover some or all of their tuition.

US residents looking for affordable colleges are drawn to public state universities that accept international students – like Penn’s undergraduate courses are among the cheapest for US residents and offer courses across a variety of subjects. Admission process at Penn is highly selective; in 2016 alone 97 percent of Penn’s Fall 2016 Freshmen came from among the top 10 percent of their high school class. Penn is also well known for its community service initiatives and encourages its students to volunteer during their time on campus.

Arizona State University and Texas Tech University rank among the most affordable public universities for international students in the US, and offer undergraduate and graduate programs in criminal justice, nursing, business administration and more. Both boast outstanding reputations and are highly ranked on QS’s world rankings.

Rutgers University, one of the top public universities in the US and home to 19 schools and colleges founded between 1766-1782, provides international students an affordable higher education. Rutgers has an exceptionally low student-faculty ratio; many classes contain 20 students or fewer – an ideal option for international students seeking an affordable US education.

Students’ success after college often depends on their hard work and dedication more than on which school they attended; however, it’s still important to keep costs in mind when making this important decision. With some research you should be able to find an affordable university that will give you access to world-class education as well as provide valuable career skills that can lead to future success in your chosen career field.


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