Study in South Korea

Study in South Korea

South Korea, known for its vibrant culture of K-pop, K-drama, kimchi and megacorps is not only famous for its lively art scene and economy; but it is also home to some of the fastest-growing universities on Earth. South Korean universities boast excellent international reputations that will greatly increase your chances of admission into prestigious graduate programs around the globe.

South Korea boasts an exceptionally high standard of living due to its robust economic growth, low crime rates, universal healthcare access, world-class education and technological progress. Furthermore, South Korea ranks as one of the safest places in the world to reside. Furthermore, its government is dedicated to improving higher education quality; scholarships are widely available for international students studying there.

Studying in Korea can be more economical than in Western Europe or North America, with lower tuition fees and accommodation costs, along with more reasonable daily expenses such as food in Seoul – South Korea’s capital city.

Full-time students can often survive on a monthly budget of USD 300. Furthermore, students may apply for part-time jobs while attending school to supplement their income and generate some extra funds.

However, placing too much importance on education can have its own set of disadvantages. In the past, this led to class distinctions being further highlighted; those without university degrees were considered second-class citizens and required one in order to enter middle class society and enter professional fields outside higher education.

However, things are changing now as many young people realize a career in academia is not for them. With rising student enrollment numbers majoring in subjects such as business, engineering, medicine and IT; perceptions have begun to change significantly and universities have begun providing alternative paths for career development for those not wanting to pursue a PhD degree.


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