Asia International University

Reputable institute, widely acknowledged for its teaching, research and innovation. Established with the objective of becoming a comprehensive international university; following Karl Jaspers’ philosophy that university should encompass three main pillars – academic teaching, scientific research and cultural activity.

The university provides outstanding teaching and learning facilities, such as multimedia-enhanced classrooms, advanced research labs, study resources as well as sports facilities and playfields for its students to use. Furthermore, extracurricular activities offer plenty of chances to meet people from around the globe.

Additionally, the university provides excellent residential facilities for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Hostels feature separate rooms for boys and girls with modern amenities; in addition, the campus features a cafeteria where students can enjoy meals prepared by professional chefs.

University students also benefit from access to medical facilities, including an accident and emergency unit, which are readily available should any emergencies arise. Furthermore, modern teaching methodologies help foster critical thinking skills development as well as innovative problem-solving in students enrolled at this university and fosters a research culture relevant to local contexts.


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