Online Adult Education Offers a Variety of Options

Online adult education offers various options, ranging from individual classes to full degree programs, offered by universities, colleges, junior colleges and trade schools around the world. Many programs specialize in specific disciplines like business management or nursing while others may focus on helping adults earn their high school diploma or GED certificate; there are even career-focused offerings like entrepreneurship or computer skills development which may all be completed online – which makes these options convenient options for adults who lead busy lives or cannot attend regular class sessions.

As part of the COVID-19 pandemic, many traditional classroom-based courses have moved online in order to continue providing access to education to those who might otherwise not have it. This shift has seen participation increase from those completing high school qualifications as well as those seeking new employment; many with limited digital problem-solving abilities still managed to take part in online learning opportunities.

The Master of Science in Adult Education and Training is an advanced graduate degree that equips scholars to instruct and train adults. Community agencies hire these specialists for literacy programs as well as professional development activities, while businesses utilize these professionals for new hire training as well as employee retention efforts. It can be completed entirely online and graduates of this degree program are well prepared for doctoral programs in adult education and training.


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