Study in France For Indian Students

France, famed for its top universities specializing in science and technology research, is increasingly popular as a study-abroad destination among Indian students. Recent years have witnessed an upswing in Indians choosing France; with its stable economy and outstanding educational system, this nation offers students looking for graduate or postgraduate degrees an ideal study-abroad destination.

At present, over 6,000 Indian students are studying in France. Their numbers have steadily increased over the last two years and it is anticipated to keep rising. The French government has taken proactive steps to welcome Indian students and foster cooperation between both nations.

Indian students are flocking to France for its unique university experience and high-quality academic programmes in law, management, engineering and MSc studies – among many other subjects. An increasing number of French universities and ‘grand ecoles’ now offer more English-taught programmes specifically targeted at Indian students.

Students often find the cultural diversity of France to be highly captivating and attractive, providing them with numerous experiences they will take back into their future careers.

Indian students studying in France enjoy very affordable tuition costs compared to other European nations, and scholarships are readily available for qualified candidates. A prime example is the Raman-Charpak Scholarship Programme which fosters collaboration between French and Indian institutions by offering PhD researchers up to six months to conduct part of their work in France – while additionally, French Embassy India also provides several co-funded scholarships for both undergraduate and postgraduate degree students.