Age Limit For Australian Student Visa

Australia has become an attractive option for International students due to its world-class universities and vibrant cultural landscape. While Australia may be an appealing choice, meeting its student visa requirements may prove more complex for those aged 40+ years. Here we discuss age limit requirements for australian student visa applications and how you can overcome them by providing relevant documentation supporting your application.

Age Requirement for Australian Student Visa When applying for an Australian Student Visa, proof of your financial ability to cover both tuition fees and living expenses throughout your course must be presented as part of the application process – typically through bank statements or evidence of grants and scholarships. Furthermore, evidence of your good character must also be presented through criminal clearance certificates or police statements.

Final step – to demonstrate that your stay in Australia is temporary for educational purposes only – is to pass an accredited English language test or complete a 10-20 week ELICOS training course and pass this requirement.

The Department of Home Affairs will consider your age when assessing whether you qualify as a genuine student visa applicant. If you’re over 45, meeting all criteria may become harder as permanent skill based visas have an age restriction of 44; your options will become much more limited than before; but other opportunities still remain, including exploring business visa options with sufficient net worth and turnover.


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