Best Universities in France For Phd

France is an attractive study abroad destination due to its high-quality education system and affordable fees. France is a hub of research and innovation, evidenced by its top universities appearing on global ranking tables like Times Higher Education (THE), QS and Academic Ranking of World Universities.

Doctorates in France are advanced levels of graduate study that require undertaking in-depth research as part of an academic laboratory and under the guidance of a Professor. A degree is awarded upon submitting your dissertation and oral defense; currently there are 270 doctoral schools across France with most offering French as their language requirement; some will allow international students to submit part of their thesis written in their local dialect for final assessment at best universities for phd in france.

France requires applicants for doctorates to hold at least a Master’s degree or its equivalent; some universities may waive this requirement if you attended secondary or graduate schools with English as the language of instruction; or you have research experience that can be demonstrated.

Certain universities in France offer joint Doctorates with other organizations. You will receive two degrees upon completing your program: one from each institute where you studied.


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