Canadian Student Visa Application Form Download

If you want to study in Canada, obtaining a student visa is necessary. Although the application process for Canadian student visa can be daunting and require extensive documentation, starting early can give you time to gather all of the documents you will need, giving yourself a higher chance of approval for one.

First step to finding an academic program and school that meet your criteria. StudyPortals’ search tool makes this easy by enabling you to select a field of interest and then compare programs offered by different Canadian schools. Once you find one that meets your criteria, submit an application to it; if accepted, your student visa will last the duration of your course plus one extra year so you can travel and work in Canada post graduation.

To qualify for a visa, it is essential that you fulfill certain criteria:

Proof of Funds: In order to provide proof that you have enough money for tuition fees and living expenses, such as showing your bank statement or buying a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC). Furthermore, you must demonstrate sufficient ties to your home country by showing that either property exists there or family reside there.

Your criminal history must be free from charges, and a police verification report submitted. Furthermore, vaccination against Canadian diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria and pertussis must also be provided as proof.


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