Fair in Bangalore

India is home to an immense diversity of culture and traditions that is celebrated through festivals and fairs throughout the year. Bangalore as the cultural capital of Karnataka hosts many such fairs that showcase its heritage; these fairs range from being exclusive to just Bangalore to statewide celebrations; all combine tradition with modernity to reveal who and what makes up its inhabitants.

Bangalore Book Fair, Karnataka Rajyothsava and Kadalekai Parishe are three renowned events. The former takes place annually to commemorate Karnataka becoming an independent state on 1 November 1956 from merging Kannada speaking regions from South India into one state. This event boasts numerous festivities that bring people from across India together to witness this significant occasion.

Mr. Kailash Choudhary, Union Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, inaugurates this fair by emphasizing its sustainable use and the cultivation of millets across 130+ countries; these should then be consumed to reduce malnutrition while supporting farmers to earn a fair living.

This festival draws crowds in with workshops like Evergreen Room (ER) Surgery, Splat-tastic and Pongy Potions that promise to engage visitors of all ages in real world science situations. Additionally, this event boasts an international nature photo exhibition, forensic science experiments and illusion room, lego robosports competition and smoking bonanza!


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