Fulfilling Study Abroad Requirements

Many students dream of enrolling in an elite university abroad. Unfortunately, however, they may be unaware that fulfilling various requirements first is often necessary. If they want to gain admission in an English-speaking country such as Australia or Canada for example, scoring high marks on an English proficiency test like TOEFL or IELTS is only part of what’s necessary; students also must fulfil several other prerequisites if they hope to make their dream a reality.

Many study abroad programs provide in-the-field learning experiences to enhance your academic experience. For instance, taking a world history class and visiting Roman Colosseum would add significant value to the class experience; similarly, taking an art history course at Louvre might enable you to see paintings displayed there – these activities may help develop critical problem-solving, communication and teamwork skills necessary for future careers.

Minimum cumulative grade point average requirements (CGPA) for study abroad include 2.75 on a scale of 4.0; those who fall below this requirement may still be considered, depending on circumstances. Furthermore, you must be in good disciplinary standing at both application and during your time away. EA collaborates closely with Dean of Students office in verifying disciplinary records and authorizing study abroad programs.

Students participating in exchange or short-term study abroad programs must enroll in at least the equivalent of 12 Pace credit hours while abroad. If you plan on graduating during their time overseas, faculty-led programs provide more time for processing your grades before graduation day.


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