List of University Accept GRE Score Below 300

List of university accept GRE Score

List of Universities Accepting GRE Score:

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is an internationally administered standardised exam used by top universities to screen applications for various graduate programs. It assesses students in many different disciplines such as arts and sciences. Furthermore, each component of this test contributes towards your final GRE score calculation; so it’s essential that you fully comprehend all its components to increase your score and secure admission into an esteemed university.

Although GPA and CGPA are the cornerstones of postgraduate study decisions, students also require an acceptable GRE score in order to secure admission into any given university. Unfortunately, many applicants face difficulty when their scores fall below 300; fortunately there are several universities across the US which accept applicants with GRE scores lower than 300; these may not rank amongst the US’s elite universities but still offer excellent teaching quality and facilities along with diverse study programs that cater for this niche market.

Yocket has made your life easier by compiling a list of some of the top universities that accept GRE scores below 300, so that you can find your ideal masters program university quickly and easily. We provide details about each institution including admission criteria and minimum GRE score requirements.

Cleveland State University, one of Ohio’s largest universities, offers a selection of graduate degrees through its ten schools and colleges. Renowned for its research capabilities and numerous acclaimed research centers, CSU also offers numerous scholarships and financial aid packages.

Michigan Technological University is another esteemed US public university, known for its wide selection of science and engineering courses as well as degree programs in renewable energy.

Michigan Technological University stands out with a 72% acceptance rate and is an outstanding choice for students looking to pursue master’s programs in ECE or computer science. Michigan Tech faculty are widely respected researchers with numerous published works.

The University of Albany in New York is a public university offering both graduate and undergraduate degrees, including 84 master’s programs across 133 fields from its nine colleges. Furthermore, over 38,000 students reside on campus – making this institution one of the most diverse universities in America.


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