Study Abroad Programs For College Students

Studying abroad offers college students an invaluable opportunity to experience different cultures and broaden their global view. Not only can this experience broaden worldview and character development, it may also prepare them for careers such as journalism or global affairs that require global awareness. Studying abroad can also provide one of the most memorable experiences of one’s life!

Studies Abroad Programs Available There are various college study abroad programs to suit every course of study and personal interest. Options range from semester or year-long programs to short excursions with professors to places such as Yokohama or Galway in Ireland. Some colleges even provide their own study abroad programs while CUNY has affiliate programs taught by foreign universities that are sponsored by one of its colleges – these offer cost savings since any tuition paid abroad counts towards your home CUNY college tuition bill.

Spain, Italy and Ireland are popular study abroad destinations; however students can also go as far afield as Buenos Aires and Ghana. From taking classes about Arab Cinemas, Cultures and Identities in Nazareth or learning Irish music at university in Cork – or both! – returning home with greater cultural understanding and open-mindedness can have an enormous impact on professional lives; many employers favor applicants with experience living and working internationally.


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