Universities in Canada For PhD

Acquiring a PhD in Canada can be an excellent way to build expert knowledge in your chosen field and launch successful careers. Full-time study typically takes three to six years, though you may still work while attending school.

Canadian PhD programmes usually require high grades and an appropriate postgraduate degree to qualify for admission, along with an interview. Admissions committees will want to see that you possess a keen interest in your subject area, which you can demonstrate through writing a research statement or proposal. Experience is always advantageous but isn’t required.

International students entering Canada typically require permission, typically granted through an Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA). You can apply online and provide passport details and pay CAD $7 to apply. Keep in mind, though, that an eTA only grants entry; in order to remain for the duration of their PhD studies they need a Study Permit application.

Note that the way a PhD is conducted in Canada varies considerably by province due to different educational systems. Some universities in western Canada teach in English while those in Quebec and New Brunswick use French instead; additionaly some courses use a seminar-based model where small groups debate among themselves rather than the more traditional lecture-style found at UK and US universities.