Why Study in France?

Study in France draws many international students due to its long and vibrant history, sophisticated culture, and top-tier education system. From art & design and engineering degrees at top French universities to computer science or even business and economics courses at some of France’s many startups – France provides an enticing mix of tradition and innovation that’s the ideal place for budding careers!

If you want to live and study in France, being fluent in French is absolutely essential for communication in both work and everyday life. Luckily there are numerous opportunities for students in France to study French while attending classes offered at universities and cultural centers; also some cities boast dual language spoken among their residents in Paris or other major centers – and learning this beautiful language should not be neglected!

Students looking for higher education options in France can also opt for one of the renowned Grandes ecoles – Sciences Po, Ecole Polytechnique or Ecole des hautes etudes en sciences sociales are some of the finest institutions for higher studies available today – such as Sciences Po, Ecole Polytechnique or Ecole des hautes etudes en sciences sociales (which offer academic degrees as well as technical and professional accreditation to graduates who have graduated from public high schools). These universities provide academic, technical and professional degrees to graduates who have earned their baccalaureat.

Becoming acquainted with French work culture and launching your career after graduation are also options available in France, with some of the top business schools like Skema Business School, INSEAD Business School and HEC Paris offering bachelor’s and master’s degree programs to international students.

One of the main draws of studying in France is its active job market, making it easier to start your career after graduating. Furthermore, France provides graduates with a temporary resident visa (autorisation provisoire de sejour) valid for one year which allows them to search for employment.

Are You Passionate About Learning French and Culture? Apply For Scholarships Now If so, there are numerous scholarships available to international students studying French through either their university or online platforms. Alternatively, study abroad programs or language boot camps provide excellent ways of immersing oneself in French culture and language prior to or while on vacation in France.

France is one of Europe’s most modern nations, boasting world-class infrastructure, skilled workers and an innovative regulatory system. Additionally, France boasts world-renowned universities and many of the leading international businesses that call France home; no wonder then that it ranks fourth worldwide for business freedom!


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