Australian Student Visa Requirements

australia study visa requirements

Students wanting to study in Australia require a student visa. This visa is only valid for specific courses, and has a limited length of stay in Australia. In order to successfully apply for this visa, it’s crucial that all the necessary documents are ready: this could include an official letter of confirmation of enrolment (CoE), medical certificate, proof of funds for studies as well as proof of funds.

As part of your application to Australia, you must provide proof that you have sufficient funds for tuition, travel and living costs while in Australia. The exact amount may depend on your circumstances – bank statements, payslips and tax returns can serve as evidence. Furthermore, you’ll also need to complete a health check form and character statutory declaration form as proof.

Some courses in Australia require you to demonstrate a certain level of English language proficiency. Students frequently utilize the International English Language Testing System, an internationally accepted test with minimum IELTS scores for most universities ranging between 6.5-7.0; certain programs like law, nursing and laboratory courses may impose stricter IELTS criteria.

To apply for an Australian student visa, a valid passport for at least six months beyond your stay will be necessary. Furthermore, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), which is mandatory insurance coverage in Australia for international students studying there will also be needed.


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