How to Start an Overseas Education Consultancy

how to start overseas education consultancy

Studying abroad can be the fulfillment of many students’ dreams, offering access to globally-ranked institutions, honing communication skills and experiencing other cultures. But getting admission can be both daunting and stressful; with many steps involved in selecting an academic institute, filling out application forms, submitting documents and visa procedures all needing to be followed precisely to avoid rejection of applications – making guidance from overseas education consultants even more crucial for success.

Overseas education consultants provide students with a range of services that range from profile building and admission assistance to counselling and visa processing. Furthermore, these advisors help in selecting an academic institute or course and managing all documentation processes such as mark sheets, transcripts, SOP’s LORs or loan papers on time ensuring success of application process.

Consultancies offer students information regarding various scholarships available for international studies such as Germany’s DAAD scheme and Erasmus Mundus scholarships, among many others. As studying abroad can be expensive, students often look for ways to reduce financial strain; consultancy firms specialize in this area by helping individuals secure appropriate loans or scholarships from prestigious universities.

To begin an overseas education consultancy business, a good business plan and adequate capital are required. Your budget for this venture should reflect both infrastructure needs and how much expansion is desired. Furthermore, considering upgrading to either a “C” or “S” corporation offers increased flexibility with financing, tax structure separation, ownership transferability and ease of ownership transference.


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