Study Abroad Data Analytic

Study abroad Data Analytic

Study abroad Data Analytic

Data analysts are in high demand worldwide and offer numerous career options. Skilled data analysts can take raw information like sales figures, shipping costs and website traffic and turn it into useful insights that may reduce logistical expenses, enhance customer engagement or drive online sales – something especially necessary in this era of big data when companies collect more data faster than ever before.

Studying at an international university offers the perfect chance to immerse yourself in new cultures while developing more rounded skillset. This includes learning about international business practices as well as understanding different cultural perspectives – something which could prove immensely valuable in many industries in the future.

Due to an uncertain understanding of the impact of studying abroad, few studies have been conducted in this area. Our current study seeks to add to this growing literature by conducting a meta-analysis of existing research on this topic. For this task, we gathered estimates from eight existing microdata studies which collected estimates on both their host country as well as home country microdata samples before conducting further analysis to gauge the strength of any correlations between participation in study abroad programs and earnings while accounting for potential sources of heterogeneity.

Our meta-analysis revealed that participants in study abroad programs enjoy significantly higher returns on investment than nonparticipants. This positive relationship remains after accounting for potentially significant confounders such as years spent in school, degree sought and host country type; suggesting there is great scope for further investigating how study abroad impacts earnings through moderator variables.


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