Study Abroad For International Business

Study abroad International Business

An international business major equips you with the skills and knowledge to understand global trade and commerce operations that extend across national boundaries. A study abroad experience can give you first-hand learning about a foreign culture to broaden your worldview while deepening your knowledge base and developing people skills that make working on diverse teams within global corporate environments much simpler.

Study abroad programs provide a unique opportunity to experience our globalized world with fellow students from your major. You’ll discover that while many business topics may be universal, every country takes its own approach when discussing them – participating in such an experience will make you better prepared to operate within global business environments as well as give valuable experiences that you can apply on future job interviews and resumes.

Tippie offers multiple opportunities for study abroad experiences during your time here. You could enroll in a virtual global course, travel abroad during a semester program, or pursue an international internship – the key is speaking to your adviser early so they can guide you towards experiences best suited to your major and personal goals.

From Amsterdam to Costa Rica and South American culture immersion during supply chain courses at coffee farms in Costa Rica, our international business courses offer something to fit everyone. Some combine weekly classroom instruction with trips abroad – for instance Panama Canal tours teach global supply chains while exploring how Indian culture affects doing business; during spring semester’s second eight weeks we also include a 10-day trip.

Short-term study abroad programs may also count toward your electives or Global Immersion minor. Our Global Immersion programs, in addition to those from universities and third-party providers around the world that offer semester-long study abroad programs. Choose from over 100 study abroad destinations worldwide and gain an internationally minded perspective that will prepare you for careers that span borders.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily suspended most long- and short-term study abroad programs, these experiences will return. Numerous studies have proven the many benefits associated with study abroad experiences; they’re essential components of student and business professional growth regardless of your plans for internationalized careers or simply becoming more well-rounded individuals.


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