Study MBA in Europe

study mba in europe

Europe offers many cultures, vibrant cities and breathtaking natural landscapes to study MBA on. Higher education institutions offering MBA programs also flourish here. Pursuing an MBA here has multiple advantages over studying anywhere else: higher-level career prospects as well as more affordable tuition fees are just two.

European MBA programs typically feature classes with up to 120 students each year, which allows professors to provide personalized attention and guidance for each of their students. Furthermore, classes in Europe tend to be highly interactive with lecturers sharing knowledge and ideas while lecturers facilitating peer collaboration resulting in improved problem-solving abilities and group learning experiences.

Most European MBA courses are delivered in English; however, there are a few that provide instruction in other languages such as French or German. Students whose native tongue is not English must pass an English proficiency exam such as TOEFL or PTE before being eligible to enroll.

Many European universities partner with local businesses to give students real-world experience and improve their job prospects after graduating. Furthermore, these business relationships may help students find internships or graduate assistantships necessary for their degree program.

Note, however, that European MBAs don’t carry the same weight with American companies as an MBA from one of the top US schools; nonetheless, cultural immersion and strong return-on-investment make an MBA in Europe worthwhile to consider. For more information, click on one of the links below or fill out our contact form and a Eklavya Overseas expert will respond with answers to any inquiries about studying an MBA abroad in Europe.


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