Graduate Programs Ireland

graduate programs ireland

Graduate programs Ireland allow you to focus more on your chosen field of study than an undergraduate degree can. Expect more in-depth courses, writing a dissertation and publishing academic papers; furthermore you will require greater maturity when applying knowledge and skills into practice.

The best masters Ireland programs specialize in specific areas. For instance, you could pursue a masters in Global Health to examine issues that transcend national borders; or consider Irish Studies which looks into how Irish culture has had an effect on world history, politics, and social development.

Irish graduate study can be an unforgettable experience. Your course may involve research-based or taught modules with project work and lectures to balance. You are likely to meet a diverse international cohort who challenge their ideas and beliefs as much as they challenge yours.

As a student in Ireland, you’ll be welcomed with an expression of Irish hospitality: Cead Mile Failte (one hundred thousand welcomes). Ireland values innovation and creativity: from Oscar Wilde’s outrageous antics to James Joyce’s novel-writing brilliance to John Bell’s pioneering quantum physics work and Nobel Prize recipient Ernest Walton’s writings of quantum mechanics – its creative spirit runs deep here!

Irish higher education institutions are members of the European Union, so most follow the Bologna system for master’s degrees, meaning your degree will be internationally accepted and recognized. You’ll need to submit academic transcripts from previous degrees as well as standard admission requirements; some universities also require personal statements, interviews or entrance exams – the Postgraduate Application Centre (PAC) handles most application processes for universities in Ireland.


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