How to Answer US Student Visa Interview Questions

us student visa questions

For students wishing to obtain a student visa for the USA, an interview must take place with a consular officer and demonstrate they meet all the requirements set out under U.S. law. In this process, a series of questions regarding your background, education, career plans and financial support will be asked of you by an interviewer; many may be quite personal so it is essential that they be answered honestly and with integrity.

Question 1 (Q1)

Your interviewer wants to gain an understanding of both your academic ability and university of interest to you, including past performance at college/university levels as an indicator of academic advancement. They’ll also look for indications if this college/university meets quality criteria or not.

Q2. How will You Finance Your Studies? Embassy interviewers want to make sure you have sufficient finances in place to cover the duration of your studies, such as savings accounts and bank statements as well as proof of scholarships or loans. In some instances they might ask if you plan to work while studying here on campus; it’s important to emphasize this would only serve to cover living costs rather than funding your education directly.

Interviewers will want to understand if you plan to return home after your studies are over, asking about any family, friends, property ownership in your country and any ties between yourself and its people. When responding positively to this question by discussing long-term career goals and aspirations backed up with evidence from renowned universities like their degree.


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