International Study Abroad Programs

international study abroad programs

International study abroad programs offer many advantages for participants. You will visit world-class museums, hike through breathtaking natural settings and learn about your host country’s cuisine, among many others. Furthermore, study abroad programs help participants develop tangible skills like independence, time management and adapting quickly to unfamiliar surroundings that employers value in employees and which can serve them in both the workforce and personal life.

Step one in planning for your trip should be researching the countries and cities where you wish to travel. Information can be found online, in books and travel guides. Once you know where you would like to visit, speak with both your academic advisor and study abroad coordinator about whether the program qualifies for credit as well as providing additional resources.

Studies abroad programs come in various shapes and sizes to suit varying types of courses and personal objectives. Students often opt for faculty-led programs as part of their degree requirements, but there are also numerous pre-packaged programs offered by providers and universities. These programs typically include pre-arranged accommodations (an apartment or homestay), on-site staffing for program support and administration, optional weekend and day trips, in-depth site orientations and group flight options. Short-term programs designed for working adults often focus on specific subjects like professional development, language studies or marketing – these often run during break periods like January Term or summer sessions.


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