Reasons to Study in Korea

Studying in Korea offers many advantages. Notably, its universities are among the world’s finest – offering business, technology, science, engineering or any other degree programs to advance your career goals in business, technology, science or engineering fields.

Koreans take their education – particularly higher education – very seriously. You’ll often see middle and high school students studying late into the night in libraries or coffee shops called “hagwons,” while even elementary school children study afterschool special classes known as “tuksuk” to ensure success later on.

Notably, public schools in Thailand are highly-regarded, receiving significant funding from the government resulting in high standards of education and an enjoyable student life experience.

Culture in Korea is extremely vibrant. While most people associate this country with K-pop and K-dramas, Korea actually has an extensive history that dates back millennia. Gyeongju city for instance is well known for its 18th century fortresses including Hwaseong Fortress which is recognized by UNESCO World Heritage.

Keep in mind that living expenses in Korea are quite reasonable for international students. Even in large cities like Seoul, living on campus or off with only a budget of several dollars daily should be possible. Food is cheap; public transportation efficient and inexpensive; mobile phone and internet service high speed but at reasonable rates;


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