Study Medicine in English in France

Study medicine in English in France

France is an attractive option for many international students looking to further their medical studies abroad, boasting world-renowned medical schools at relatively more reasonable tuition fees compared to both the US and UK. Furthermore, France ranks as one of the safest nations worldwide – yet with stringent admission requirements and fierce competition it can be challenging securing entry to your first year of medicine, dentistry, or pharmacy studies – that’s where we come in.

At our recruiting organization, we specialize in helping aspiring doctors from around the globe gain entrance to European universities that offer medical degrees in English. Furthermore, we offer full-service support until graduation – as one of the only recruiting organizations offering all-inclusive packages designed to ensure an easy study experience.

France offers an intensive medical studies programme known as Premier Cycle d’Etudes Medicales or PCEM for its first year, which features highly competitive exams called “concours”. Students take tests called “concours” which measure performance against different criteria (similar to UMCAT or GAMSAT). Only those students ranked highest will move onto P2, the second year.

Additionally, you must pass practical internships, complete theoretical modules and attend seminars. At the end of every year you take a medical exam known as PACES that ranks all participants and only the top 15% – 20% will advance to next year. If your exam was unsuccessful you must wait one year before trying it again.


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