Why Study in Japan?

Study in Japan

Experience Japan is sure to leave an impressionful lasting memory – from cultural immersion, career prospects and learning one of its captivating languages – it makes an excellent study abroad destination! Japan boasts a robust economy and high living standards which attract many students looking for international study programs.

The country provides an expansive range of courses from kindergarten through university level, with its high-quality education system renowned for being both affordable and high-level education. There are public school fees which can be paid easily with public fees at public schools while private schools often provide higher level education at premium fees.

Most institutions in Japan provide undergraduate degrees taught exclusively in Japanese; however, some universities also offer programmes taught entirely in English. If you wish to study in this format, however, an English proficiency test must first be passed. Furthermore, to pursue graduate study you will require at least a masters degree with significant subject area expertise as well as strong subject background. Doctoral programs may also be offered; these require a minimum three year commitment from participants.

Tuition fees vary based on national/public/private status, region and school type (junior college, technical college or specialized colleges). Additional expenses such as learning materials, social activities and housing costs should also be taken into consideration when planning. It’s wise to determine your total budget prior to leaving for Japan to ensure an optimal experience.

Housing costs in Japan can vary significantly based on location and type of residency, such as dormitories, share houses or renting an apartment or flat. When planning for expenses related to food, transportation and entertainment it is also essential to factor in how much will be spent overall.

Saving money on expenses such as food and groceries can be accomplished in several ways: cooking at home and purchasing your own groceries are two effective strategies; to further cut expenses you could opt not to dine out and participate in any free student activities available through your school.

Japan is famous for its delicious cuisine. You must experience its varied and delectable dishes while traveling there – from traditional tofu, sashimi and sushi to street foods such as takoyaki or yakiku (Japanese BBQ), you are bound to find something to satisfy every palate here! In fact, Japan boasts one of the longest life expectancy rates globally thanks to their diet full of fresh produce and lean proteins!

Japan offers an easy and efficient transit network, including its famous bullet train, “Shinkansen”. Alongside this advanced infrastructure, Japan boasts low crime rates and an effective police force – plus there are scholarships and grants available to international students studying there! If you’re planning to study there, start looking for scholarships both before and after you arrive as this will reduce financial strain so you can concentrate on enjoying this remarkable country!


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