Free Scholarship to Study Abroad – 10 of the Best

free scholarship to study abroad

Studying abroad can be one of the most enriching experiences a student can have, yet the cost may be an obstacle for some. Although tuition fees are expensive, students can often find free scholarships available online to fund their experience abroad. This article highlights 10 full tuition scholarships that could make your dreams of studying in another country come true!

Private Scholarships Many private companies, foundations, community organizations and clubs sponsor scholarships for study abroad programs through external or ‘external’ scholarship donors. Aims may vary based on donor and type of scholarship award – such as academic merit-based scholarships; sports; innovation or entrepreneurship focused; region or minority targeted or minority focused opportunities among others.

Grants and Scholarships from Government Many countries provide grants and scholarships for their citizens studying overseas. These can be highly competitive, often requiring high academic achievement and track record as well as financial need demonstration. For instance, Adelaide University provides full scholarships for international postgraduate students covering tuition fees, health insurance premiums and living stipend.

There is also a variety of scholarships for study abroad available that cater to diverse interests and backgrounds, from merit-based awards like Fulbright Scholarships to need-based assistance such as Marshall Scholarships for young Americans with exceptional academic ability studying graduate level in the UK; or diversity-oriented grants like “Bridging Project’ scholarships that support American undergraduate students participating in exchange programs with Japan.


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