How Much Does Study Cost in Australia For International Students?

study cost in australia

Tuition fees for undergraduate courses in Australia vary widely between institutions, as well as by subject and course of study. Students should conduct in-depth research of course fees and universities before making an informed decision; costs listed on a university website typically apply only to one academic year rather than to your entire program duration; don’t forget that budgeting should also take account of living expenses!

Costs associated with living in Australia for international students can be daunting, yet some can be mitigated through scholarships and work opportunities. Most Australian universities provide comprehensive breakdowns of accommodation prices as well as local area expenses on their websites to assist you with planning a budget.

As well as student accommodation, you must also consider other living expenses when creating your budget. Food costs in Australia for international students varies based on location and personal tastes – however you should expect to spend between AUD$180-250 weekly depending on where they study; transportation can also be an expense, with weekly public transport passes costing anywhere from AUD$30-70 depending on which city.

Health insurance is a mandatory requirement of an Australia visa holder and costs between AUD$550 to AUD$1,500 annually depending on your provider. You should also set aside funds for flights and travel within Australia.