Institute For Study Abroad

institute for study abroad

institute for study abroad is a nonprofit education foundation established in 1988 with the goal of helping students explore beyond their comfort zone. Offering more than 120 programs throughout Australia, China, Europe, India, Latin America, New Zealand and the US they take pride in living each place rather than just visiting it – offering programs in Australia China Europe India Latin America New Zealand New Zealand USA

IFSA-Butler provides semester and academic year programs for students interested in rigorous academics and cultural immersion across the world. Their programs are known for offering quality academics focusing on inclusive excellence and personalized learning alongside dedicated student support services.

Students taking an IFSA-Butler semester program will enroll directly into their host university abroad for an integrated study and cultural experience, including courses, internships, volunteer opportunities and intensive language programs.

Students are strongly advised to begin by reviewing featured IFSA semester programs before exploring non-featured options, to make sure the chosen option best matches academic and geographic interests. After selecting their semester program of choice, please complete an IFSA application here.


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